"Recovery is not for people who need it, it’s for people who want it."


Overcoming an addiction of any kind can seem like a tough challenge, right?


For many, the thought of life without their addiction is what they desire, but it involves change and that's a daunting prospect - maybe even a scary one! But, whilst it's probably one of the most difficult and troublesome times in our lives, it can also be one of the most rewarding - when we get clean, sober and live an addiction free life! 

What is addiction?

It's estimated that 2 million people in the UK are battling an addiction, according to Action on Addiction.   
Addiction itself takes many forms and affects everyone differently.  Whilst some of the most common forms of an addiction are nicotine, alcohol, sex, gambling, food and drug addiction (prescription and non-prescription), there are many - just see the list below:  
•  Alcohol 
•  Cocaine 
•  Marijuana 
•  Narcotics 
•  Prescription, or any other drug(s) 
•  Sex 
•  Masturbation 
•  Gambling 
•  Work 
•  Internet 
•  Solvents 
•  Shopping 
Some people are addicted to multiple substances or behaviours.   These can interchange without much thought or knowledge.  So, for example, when we stop using one thing i.e. alcohol, we can exchange this for say, prescription medication or masturbation.  Or perhaps we've been using alcohol and cannabis regularly.  When we don't have access to one, we use more of the other and vice versa.  This is often the case when we've tried to stop previously, without professional support.  It upholds the need to feel differently, substituting one substance or behaviour for another.   
It is thought that addictions are formed out of routine and habit.  For many the addictive behaviour becomes part of everyday life.  This doesn't necessarily need to mean that the we drink, use or take part in the behaviour every day.  For many it's more part of their everyday thinking.   
Often, I hear people say things like, 'I only drink alcohol two or three times a week' or 'I only use a few times per month'.  Whilst this is important, we tend to look more at the overall picture.  How it affects you emotionally and physically, how it’s impacting your daily life, how it’s affecting your health and wellbeing, it's impact on the relationships you hold with others and its financial impact, may also be a concern. 

Alcohol, Sex & Drug Addiction Counselling

Specialist Counselling & Psychotherapy for those in addiction, in Nuneaton & Hinckley

Am I addicted?

The fact you are here, reading up on the topic is a pretty good indicator?  However, I'm here to help you work through your thoughts and feelings, whilst helping you understand your addictive behaviours.   
I often hear that it's hard to say, 'I am an addict'.  That's possibly because we are accepting that our life is out of control or not as we hoped it would be.  Perhaps it's due to prior negative feelings and views that we hold about the term 'addict'. It may seem scary...  But, accepting that you have a problem, and that you are powerless over your addiction, is the first step to stopping and living addiction free.  

Why are you seeking therapy?

Has your family, friends or loved ones asked you to stop?  
Have you tried to stop previously and haven't been able to?   
Maybe you've hit 'rock bottom' and need things to get better?  
Maybe your addictive behaviour is affecting your health or relationships with others? 
Perhaps you're finding it hard to function when you don't have drugs or alcohol in your life?  

Recovery is possible!

Recovery from an addiction can work only if you want it.  Input from family, friends and loved ones may get you to therapy.  But getting clean, sober and addiction free takes a lot of commitment and hard work on your part.  I'm here to facilitate and support you on your journey, giving you all the necessary tools.  
Addiction can become a very secretive and isolating experience.  It can also seem like a massive uphill battle, but you are not alone and life doesn't have to be this way.  There is a way out.  

Who is therapy for?

Therapy can help those in active addiction as well as the addicts family.  It's important that everyone feels supported.  Often the family of addicts have questions too and want to know more about how to help - this can take place in therapy.  
You may decide to have joint therapy sessions with your family, to discuss your addiction and how they can help and support you moving forward.  This too can be helpful and easily arranged.  

What's involved in therapy?

Therapy for an addiction is both a thorough journey and one that's tailored to you and your specific needs.  It's important to understand how and when the addiction took hold and from where it originates, whilst also looking for its potential cause.  We look at how to reduce and taper off from the addictive behaviour, whilst looking at potential triggers and how to manage these in the future. You can also expect to complete and present a thorough life story.   
You are in control at every step of your journey and it is my promise never to judge you, in any way. 

Why am I the right therapist to work with you and your addiction?

It was really important for me to focus my attentions on the areas I enjoy most.   Addiction is one of my specialist fields of interest.  My own experiences and struggles deeply impact the work I do as an addiction therapist.  I have an in-depth understanding of addiction itself, how it affects us emotionally and physically, how it can affect our relationships with others and also, its effects on our self-esteem and everything in between. Working through an addiction can be an isolating experience but it is important for me that you feel supported and empowered at every step.  
It was also my passion to support the families of those in addition too.  Again, this is one of my keen areas of interest. 

What experience do I have?

I've worked with addicts from all walks of life, for years, in a wide range of settings, including: community mental health charities, local cancer charities, private rehab centres and local children's services. I also work alongside Judith Sullivan and Associates in Leicestershire and Clarity Well-Being Clinic, North Warwickshire. Every one of these experiences has shaped me into the therapist I am today. In addition, my personal experiences have deeply impacted the insight I am able to bring to my work and my clients. 


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