Counselling and how it works for young people

Counselling is the most common form of talking therapy.  Whilst it’s available through the NHS, by way of a GP referral, or through school-based counselling services, there is usually a lengthy wait.  Private practice counselling (which is available here at Clarity) can help young people quickly and without a referral from their GP.  It can help young people deal with issues and life events.  Young people experiencing anxiety, depression or low moods, bereavement, bullying, anger, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, self harm and other troublesome issues, like an eating disorder, could benefit from counselling.

Counselling for young people, aged 14-17, can be an incredibly helpful tool.  Many young people are struggling with their own feelings.  Problems with friends, family or at school can leave them feeling anxious, depressed, angry or scared with no one to talk to.  Counselling can give them the space to talk things through and to offer support, without judgment, and in complete confidence (unless they disclose that their personal safety is at risk).  


Face-to-face counselling is available here in Nuneaton & Hinckley. 

Counselling for Young People

Specialist counselling and psychotherapy for young people in Nuneaton & Hinckley

What can counselling help with?

Counselling can be a very helpful tool.  I support young people with a wide variety of difficulties, including: anxiety, depression, relationships, anger management, low self-esteem, bereavement, sexual issues, gender identity, family conflict, parent divorce, issues with parents, sexuality and suicidal thoughts.

How can I help my son or daughter?

Friends, family and loved ones can be a great source of support, helping young people deal with life and its stresses.  It may be a good idea to encourage your son or daughter to spend some time with other people.  


Remain positive about counselling and encourage them to talk.  


  • Try to notice changes in their moods.  

  • Try to understand things from their point of view.  

  • Let them know that you care and want the very best for them - that you are willing to do what it takes to help, if you can, and if they want you to.  

  • Be ready, open and available for them to talk to you about problems, stresses and difficulties, or how they are feeling.  

  • Pick a day and time that’s convenient for you both and sit down to have a proper conversation, without any interruptions.  

  • Try to be the ‘strong one’ by staying calm and positive. 

  • Remind them that you won’t tell anyone (unless there is significant concern for their safety).

  • Be patient, empathic and listen to what they are saying. Try not to find answers or problem solve.


Clarity Therapy works from a concept known as Gillick Competency.  This concept protects the rights and privacy of young people seeking counselling.  A young person aged 16 or over, or a young person under 16 who has the capacity to understand and make their own decisions, would be considered Gillick Competent. Gillick Competency status gives the young person certain rights to make decisions and be granted confidentiality without parent consent.  I always encourage positive communication with parents and make every effort to ensure difficult family/at home life is not made worse by insisting on a young persons rights.  A parent or guardian is asked to sign a consent and Gillick Competency form. 

Who pays?

I provide therapy for young people in private practice.  Therefore, all sessions are chargeable.  Parents, guardians or local services usually pay the fee.  Concessionary discounts may be available for those in receipt of benefits, or for those on low income.  Please ask for details.

What is my experience?

For many years, I have worked with young adults in a wide range of settings, including: community mental health charities, local cancer charities, private rehab centres and local children's services. I also work alongside Judith Sullivan and Associates in Leicestershire and Clarity Well-Being Clinic, North Warwickshire. Every one of these experiences has shaped me into the therapist I am today. In addition, my personal experiences have deeply impacted the insight I am able to bring to my work and my clients.


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